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The "All-In-One" Package 2

*Option 1: Glowing LED-booth Package*

The Booth

Light up and immortalize your event with the one-of-a-kind glowing FOTOPOD® “soft-box” LED technology. Our 8 x 7 ft Pod boasts 360° lighting technology producing 16k RGB colors for a dynamic guest-interactive light show that can be customized and saved for unsurpassed photographic quality, creating an incredible visual aura essential to making yours a truly memorable event! *up to 15 guests per session*

Starting at $699

*Option 2: Open-booth Package*

Illuminate your special event with an interactive 16k RGB dynamic LED-lighting system against a hand-crafted Satin Flower wall! Whether professional or personal, the Open-Concept Hollywood Runway with beautiful Flowerwall will excite everyone! *Up to 8 guests per session* $749.00


*Option 3: Open-Booth Package* (SOCIAL MEDIA ONLY)

Perfect for private venues with smaller spaces and modest budgets. Impress your guests with the FOTOPOD Mini® in a Classic Open-concept step-and-repeat with professional grade directional accent lighting, along with your choice of 7 x 7 ft pop-up graphic backdrop. (Printing and Props are extra) *Up to 6 guests per session* $549.00


4 Hours of Operation (INCLUDED)

Professional on-site attendants provide complete Fotopod® interactivity and continuous oversight for the duration of your 3hr event. Events can be extended on-location for $150 per hour.


1.5 Hour Booth Set-Up (INCLUDED)

Set-up the booth and equipment prior to the event.


1 Hour Clean-Up (INCLUDED)

Breakdown and clean up of all equipment.


Guest Experience Attendant (INCLUDED)

We provide knowledgeable attendant(s) to enhance your guest experience by overseeing technology operation, assistance with crowd control, prop organization, and to make sure your event is a resounding success!


iPad kiosk & Social Media Accessibility (INCLUDED)

iPad station provides instantaneous Social Media accessibility. Upload to Email, or post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Give your guests what they have been waiting for…instant photo gratification!


21.5″ live-view HD monitor setup (INCLUDED)

*The perfect multi-media experience! Guests eagerly waiting outside the booth can now view an HD “live-feed” of what’s happening inside the Fotopod®! Elevating the experience and inspiring all your guests to join in on the fun!


Red Carpet Package (INCLUDED)

Hollywood-style Red Carpet and chrome stanchions for crowd regulation and VIP enhancement


Customized Photo and TouchScreen Graphics (INCLUDED)

We accentuate your event and incorporate your Logo and theme using custom Graphic designs for your photo overlay, GIF animations and touchscreen graphics.


USB Flash Drive containing all your photos (INCLUDED)

A special commemorative USB Flash Drive containing all your files provided as a keepsake at the conclusion of the event! Includes all of the High-res photos and all of the Fotopod® Photo strips. (If you choose the GIF option, all of the animations will be included as well) *additional copies +$25.00*


Bonded and Insured (INCLUDED)

Comprehensive insurance covering Premise/Operations, Product and bodily injury@ $2,000,000


Props Package

Highly recommended. A treasure chest full of cool & eccentric props to enhance your guest experience and make your images way more fun! We have the BEST props in the industry! **Subtract $100 if not required**


Printing and Print Options

Professional dye-sub label for your photos to match your event theme. You receive one 2×6″ Double photo strip per session. **Subtract $150 if printing not required** Option 2: 4×6″ post card prints with customized event graphics. Add $80 Option 3: Unlimited Printing for 2×6″ and 4×6″ add $150


Popular “Options” Add-Ons

**OPTIONAL** Idle (down) Time

Idle time is perfect for those extended events where you want the focus of your guests elsewhere (e.g pausing for dinner service, award ceremonies or special announcements). The booth remains LED-lit and attended, but guests cannot enter the booth. (+$60 /hr)


**OPTIONAL** Personalized Custom Props!

If you have an idea for specialized props for a themed event, our Graphic Design department can help you improvise! (Requires 2-weeks for design, manufacturing and printing) **inquire for pricing**


**ADD-ON** 80″ HD Live-View Projection!

80″ inch screen of pure projection fun, showcasing “live-view” technology! Guests outside can observe real-time from within the Fotopod®, providing a fully-inclusive event experience! (+$130)


**ADD-ON** GIF Animations!

We turn your awesome Fotopod® photos into GIF animation files. Guests can immediately view, email and share to Social Media. You will also get a copy of all the GIF’s saved to the Flash Drive as a separate folder. (+$80)


**ADD-ON** Commemorative Guest Album!

Professionally printed, designed and embellished on-site includes personalized 12″x12″ scrapbook, black, white, or silver with inserts, metallic pens, and stationary items. (+$100)


**ADD-ON** Seating: Elegant Sofa or LED Cubes!

The Vintage Sofa seats 3 and make an ideal choice for sophisticated photo decor. Detailed Button tufting, scroll arms, and antiqued trim add an element of charisma to your event. Glowing LED cube Ottomans (2) add contemporary flare to any party scene! Waterproof, programmable and the brightest LED on the market. (+$200.00)


**ADD-ON** LED Up-Lighting System!

A dynamic LED wallwash lighting system will add ambiance and class to any venue! Accentuate your event theme by projecting nearly limitless (16.7 million RGBWA + UV) color combinations, adding a truly remarkable atmosphere to your truly memorable event!! Wireless. Programmable. Customizable to any venue size. Includes: four 6×1 light bars +$150 (additional lights $40 ea.)


**ADD-ON PACKAGE** (Complete)

Provide your guests with the ultimate experience by upgrading your event to the Complete Add-on Package! Includes Unlimited Printing, stunning *80″ HD video projection Setup, Commemorative Guest Album, GIF Animations, Ambient Up-Lighting System and your choice of the Elegant Victorian-Style Sofa -or- Glowing LED Ottomons (2)* (+$499.00)


Legal Disclaimer

Fotopod Booth LLC and FOTOPOD® products are covered by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent D734,805


Package Value: $1,349.00
Discount: -$349.00
Tax: $0.00
Contract Value: $1,000.00

  • $100.00 due on date of booking
  • 100% of remaining balance due on 01/21/17


A non-refundable deposit of $100.00usd is due at time of invoice. The remaining balance is due on or before the date of the event.  If payment in full (including any add-ons) is not received based on the payment schedule, a late penalty of 5% per day, will apply. Contract price is based on a cash transaction, where alternative payment methods will incur service charges.

Alternative payment methods: 

Check add 9%
Paypal add 3% service charge + 9% sales tax
Credit Card add 3% service charge + 9% sales tax
Online e-transfer Venmo, bank e-transfer, direct deposit + 9% sales tax

Cancellation Policy:

For client cancellation, we require 2-weeks written notice for any cancellations. Services cancelled within a two-week notification period are subject to pro-rated penalty, up to full non-refundable.

If we must shut down operation due to unforeseen circumstances, weather safety concerns, or otherwise impermissible working conditions, clients will receive a pro-rated refund based on Fotopod Booth LLC policies.

If we must shut down due to conditions precipitated by the client, guest or agents representing the event coordinator that pertain to unsafe working conditions, harassment, lewd conduct or otherwise unacceptable behaviour, Fotopod Booth LLC reserves the irrevocable right to withhold refund.

Confidentiality and Responsibilities of Photos

A. Fotopod Booth LLC reserves the right to use appropriate photos taken during the rental for promotional advertising purposes including but not limited to website, print, social media and other alternative advertising media, where “appropriate” is defined as depicting guests/clients using the Photobooth for its intended purpose.

B. Upon written request, Fotopod Booth LLC will agree not to disclose, publish, share, or otherwise reveal any of the Confidential Photographs without specific prior written authorization of the Client, where photographs will be considered confidential and proprietary to the Client and shall not be used as described in “A” other than for the purpose of sharing with intended Client, and where disclosure of photographs to intended employees only where involved with producing the images at point of rental, and for the transfer or digital photographic correction, as requested by the Client. Please email this clause and written request to prior to your event start date. 

C. Fotopod Booth LLC shall have no obligation under this Agreement with respect to Confidential Photographs which becomes publicly available without breach of this Agreement by Fotopod Booth LCC, where external publication may be made intentionally, or unintentionally by guests, clients and subjects, for the purpose of sharing, publishing or otherwise revealing photographs through social media, without direct or intended violation from Fotopod Booth LLC.

Access& Location Requirements:

Booth location must also be in a room with no less than an 8′ feet square clearance.  Minimum door width for booth access is 28″.  Placement of booth can only be on level, hard and smooth surfaces such as tile, hardwood, concrete, carpeted room, etc.  Grass surface, uneven stone surfaces or bare dirt are not acceptable and client will be notified of the inadequate environment and given the opportunity to choose a more acceptable location for the booth.  We require one 110/120-volt grounded power outlet (20amps) within 30′ of booth location.

Forced Idle Time:

If booth cannot be removed from the event at the conclusion of the contracted time client will be billed at the standard idle time rate of $60 per hour till the booth can be removed without affecting the event in a negative manner.

This Service Contract constitutes the entire Contract between Fotopod Booth, LLC and client, and supersedes any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this Contract. There are no other promises, conditions, understandings or other agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this Contract.

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