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Do you want to have your own Fotopod Booth? Have you ever thought about running your own business? Perhaps you already have a photo booth and want to upgrade to the latest, patented, professional-grade technology? We offer complete custom turn-key solutions and affordable financing options. No franchise fees. No yearly service add-ons. Just 100% full hardware and software support. Call us for more details! Click below to see if you qualify. Your only 30 seconds away from approval!


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new_splashPop-up (8.5 x 7 ft) Huge Backdrop Banners! Designed from the ground up to work with the Fotopod Booth Machine Setup. Will also work with existing pole-system setups. Backdrop pops up in 5 seconds, and breaks down in 20 seconds! Comes in a carry bag with shoulder straps.

Coming soon! Eighty(80) premium designs and patterns to choose from! It’s time to give your clients what they are looking for…unbelievable backdrop options to suite any type of event!



Now taking orders for our Fotopod Photo Machine v2.07
(Can be installed in our patented inflatable booth or as a stand-alone kiosk mode)

side_down_watermarkphoto booth machine HD


Upgrade your photo booth system to our latest and greatest Photo Machine v2.07! The video above shows how quickly Fotopod Booth owners can attach the printer tray shelf that can hold up to 35 pounds of weight!

Also available since v2.02 is an ingenious “dual” electric lifting column system. So basically, if one column fails (has not happened yet!), the machine’s height can still raise and lower using the other functioning lift. When it comes to running your important events, Fotopod Booth has your back!

Photo Jun 19, 9 17 20 PMsunlight_splash

Question: What is an electric lifting column?

Answer: A lifting column is an electric linear actuator integrated into a stable guide. The sophisticated motor system is completely hidden inside the column.
Fotopod’s lifting columns are designed to raise and lower the main body that houses the touchscreen monitor and DSLR camera, providing a smooth, quiet and elegant movement.

Photo May 24, 6 23 03 PM Photo May 24, 6 25 54 PM
Converting the printer tray into dolly mode takes only two seconds. The photo machine can then be transported vertically or horizontally, making for simple and flexible setup at your events.


Did you know we created Fotopod Booth for the vertically challenged?

Not everyone that steps into a photo booth will be the same height. Then why force guests to pose and contort for badly cropped photos? With just a push of a button, the photo machine will automatically lift or lower itself, adjusting to any guest’s height. Now you can convert your stand-up booth to a sit-down booth in a blink of an eye! The photo machine also collapses down for ridiculous easy transport and storage. We even designed the machine to fit into the back of a Mini Cooper S!

 Photo Sep 16, 8 21 14 AM
Customer’s Fotopod Machine v2.07 inside a 2014 Rav4 and rear seat of a 2013 Lexus IS250.
Custom ATA road case with dolly wheels included with purchase.


Interested in what makes the Fotopod Photo Machine such a professional product? Here’s a quick glimpse into some of the options you can do: Inside_fotopod_booth_ camera


rotate hinge metal base


Check out some of our customers Fotopod Setups!
Open or enclosed booth, indoors or outdoors, green-screen or backdrops, photo bus or stationary high-traffic areas…if you can imagine it, Fotopod Booth can help!

Your choice of black or white Fotopod Photo Machine!



*Image courtesy of our customer, Andrew Muldin (Boogie Booth)

Photo Aug 05, 6 46 57 PM


*Image courtesy of our customer, Will White (Treasure Valley Photo Booth)



*Image courtesy of our customer, Jose Amora (Vegas Clicks Photo Booth)



*Image courtesy of our customer, Bruno Mayor -France (pixmebox)


Click on the PDF flyer below to get the latest prices and info on our patented, state-of-the-art, professional packages! Pick either option that best fits your current or near-future needs. Call or text us anytime. Fotopod Booth is here to help you succeed!


Mango Fotopod Photo Booth

Purchase Option #2…

Option #2 (Pro-package) comes complete with our patented, inflatable “16,000 color” LED glowing Fotopod booth…that holds up to 15 people! The package comes already pre-wired depending on your countries voltage requirements, including the wifi-module to control the dynamic lighting with your Android or iPhone, and all the necessary hardware and support to get you up and running in no time!

Our photographic 360º “softbox” lighting technology will BLOW your mind! Click here to see some our recent events on our FB gallery! Call us to see if Option #2 is available in your area!

It’s all in the little details…

Dyson_Fotopod_fanThe Fotopod Booth inflatable tent system was designed from the ground up to take advantage of current technologies and can tackle most environmental conditions. Special window and skylight cutouts are designed to give the feeling of spaciousness from all directions, but most importantly, allow for proper air circulation and wind flow (Feng shui). This unique, permeable structure is meant to turn passive audiences into active booth participants!
**Tip** The Fotopod Booth was designed to accommodate a Dyson® tower fan, which can be positioned on the small window opening to let in cool or even hot air! A bluetooth speaker system such as the Bose® SoundLink can be placed on the window opening as well. This setup will spread sound evenly throughout the enclosure and will surely make your booth rock!

Question: Why should I buy from you? I see these cheap inflatable booths everywhere online.

Answer: We cannot control what get’s permeated or filtered on the internet. Hopefully, you respect intellectual property, and keep in mind that we invented the Inflatable Photo Booth design and concept, with the US Patent and Trademark Office and international patents-pending…so please feel confident you are getting it from the original and “legal” source; Fotopod Booth LLC and not a cheap/illegal knockoff. We invented it, so we can 100% back up our technology with the proper service and long-term support you will need in helping you meet your financial goals. For example, once the initial deposit has cleared, we immediately send you non-branded photos that you can start using for your own webpage and marketing materials. Start booking and getting deposits NOW even before you have your Fotopod system!